Unique Offerings


Research shows daily physical exploration and play supports development of imagination, language, problem-solving abilities, and fine and gross motor skills. Starting at age 3, Primary School students engage in physical education classes and recess every single day. This not only reinforces the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, but it also affords our youngest athletes an environment in which they can learn and grow.

Primary School Buddies

PS classes work together throughout the year to promote teamwork and relationships, as well as build leadership skills. Each PS class is paired with a “buddy” class. Partnered classes get together at least once per month to work on a project in tandem — activities such as reading books, working on math problems, nature walks, building projects, or math games.

Books, Alive!

Primary School students are introduced to the love of literature and learning through “Books, Alive!” Students across all classrooms make their way through seasonal, age-appropriate selections, with a variety of hands-on activities and lessons to help them work through the material — including art, music, and beyond. It all culminates in division-wide assemblies, where students in each grade get the opportunity to present what they’ve learned.

Student Council

Every student across grades 1-5 work together for a common goal.  Each student will attend one cross-grade level meeting where PS teachers lead them in discussions and projects.

Goal: To learn the basics of the game of basketball through skills & drills.

Who Can Join? Boys and Girls in Grades 2-4

Where: PS Gym

Leader: Melody Owsley

We will focus on small 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 games, layups, shooting, and defense. Students should bring their gym shoes to change into when class starts and water to drink.

Sessions will be limited to the first 16 students who sign up.

Goal: Through chess, students learn disciplined thinking and benefit from the important life skills that chess teaches: problem solving, decision-making, coping, and patience. Chess enhances educational learning through new vocabulary, basic geometry, sportsmanship, and persistence.

Who Can Join? Students in Grades 1-5

Where: P-14

Leader: Matt Oscarson

Space is limited! Click here for the registration form, which can be returned with payment to the PS Office.

Goal: FIRST brings students together to explore, create, test, and share ideas about science and technology, all centered around a team challenge. 

Who Can Join? Students in Grades K-5

Where: Dining Room

Goal: Yoga will introduce students to yoga and meditation in an age-appropriate way. The principles of yoga at the heart of this session reinforce kindness, compassion, mindfulness, and awareness.

Who Can Join? Different sessions are offered throughout the year for students in grades ES-4

Where: PS Gym and Dance Studio

Leader: Kelsey Cassidy

Goal: This skills camp will focus on volleyball fundamentals and improving the basics, all while being in an upbeat, fun, and positive environment.

Who Can Join? Students in Grades 1-4.

Where: PS Gym

Leader: Lisa Yunker

Goal: To provide an opportunity for boys and girls to play soccer in a fun, safe, and challenging environment.

Who Can Join? Students in Grades 2-5

Where: PS Gym

Leader: Joe Manley

Goal: Students will gain exposure to the basics of baseball through infield and throwing drills, and apply their skills in weekly wiffle ball games.

Who Can Join? Students in Grades 1-4

Where: PS Gym

Leader: David Reske