Mini Masters Series

Interested in exposing your child to developmental concepts like physical expression, creativity, and world culture? Join us for the 2020 TPS Mini Masters Series!

We’re excited to continue our Mini Masters programming in the Spring of 2021 with classes in March and April. For prospective students and families, these up-tempo classes with Prairie faculty will introduce children ages 1 to 3 to a variety of important concepts, while also affording parents and kids the chance to participate in some of Primary School’s favorite activities and lessons!

All classes will take place on The Prairie School campus (4050 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point), beginning at 8:30AM. Sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and one hour. All Mini Masters will have the option to receive an individually-packaged snack and drink. Classes are $10 per child.

While enrollment is open to all children ages 1-3, class activities will be best suited for those 2 and up. Please note: pre-registration is required for all classes. Unfortunately we can not accommodate drop-ins.

Class size is limited; registration for an upcoming class will open once the preceding class is concluded. We will follow COVID-19 policies and procedures for these events; as such, only the participating child and one parent may attend each session.

Strike a Pose: Yoga
Saturday, March 20th
Kelsey Cassidy, Grade 1 Teacher

The principles of yoga teach children kindness, compassion, mindfulness, and awareness. During this session, your child will get in touch with their inner yogi through meditation and mindfulness in an age-appropriate way. We will practice poses through games, music, and dance which will help improve posture, strength, focus, and coordination. Breathing practices are done playfully to enhance calmness and clarity of the mind.

Music Making & Body Shaking
Saturday, April 17th
Matt Oscarson, Primary School Music Teacher

Music allows children to imagine, create, listen, reflect — and move! During this session, our musical adventure begins as your child gives expression to their creativity by singing, moving, and playing instruments. As they discover the possibilities in their own voices, they also learn how their talents can combine with others in an artistic tapestry of their own creation.