Mini Masters Series

Interested in exposing your child to developmental concepts like physical expression, creativity, and world culture? Join us for the 2020 TPS Mini Masters Series!

We are looking forward to a safe…mostly outside…FUN year of Mini Masters!

Beginning in September, MM will be held the third Saturday of most every month (except December) through February 2021. For prospective students and families, these up-tempo classes with Prairie faculty will introduce children ages 1 to 3 to a variety of important concepts, while also affording parents and kids the chance to participate in some of Primary School’s favorite activities and lessons!

All classes will take place on The Prairie School campus (4050 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point), beginning at 8:30AM. Sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and one hour. All Mini Masters will have the option to receive an individually-packaged snack and drink. Classes are $10 per child, but a special rate of $40 is available for anyone registering for the entire five-class series prior to the September date.

While enrollment is open to all children ages 1-3, class activities will be best suited for those 2 and up. Please note: pre-registration is required for all classes. Unfortunately we can not accommodate drop-ins.

Class size is limited; registration for an upcoming class will open once the preceding class is concluded. To ensure the discounted $40 rate for all classes, a child must be registered for the full Mini Masters Series prior to Friday, September 19th.

Specific classes will be announced later this fall, but themes will be similar to previous years. Past MM lessons have included music-making, art, yoga, and gardening.

Creation Station
Saturday, October 17th
Katie White, Art Teacher

Letting the creative juices flow through art-making can be one of the truest expressions of how we’re feeling. While Prairie utilizes a variety of mediums based on grade level, Mini Masters participants will get the opportunity to explore age-appropriate mediums.

From Seeds to Sharing: Edible Schoolyard
Saturday, November 21st
Christine Henke Mueller, Grade 4 Teacher and Multi-age Science Coordinator

What’s better than getting your fingers dirty? Experience all the good the earth provides as we learn about sustainability and how plants become food for our family dinner tables. 

Keep an eye out for details of our spring sessions:

  • Strike a Pose (Yoga)

  • Music Making & Body Shaking