Video Gallery

Founder’s Day 2014:
“Putting Students First for 50 years!”

College Counseling:
“Helping Students Identify and Pursue Their Choice Colleges and Universities

Prairie Alumni Profile:
“Mr. John Batten: TwinDisc “

Prairie Compass Program:
“A Father’s Perspective”

Prairie Community Involvement:
“Lessons for Life”

Education Beyond Borders:

“Everyone’s Teachable”

Primary School Museum:
“Window to the World”

College Counseling:
“Finding The Right Fit.”

“Athletic Opportunities in the Upper School”

Prairie Compass Program:
“What is ‘COMPASS’?”

Parent Voices – Corey Oakland:
“Teacher/Parent Partnership”

Prairie STEM Club:
“Real World Applications”

The Prairie School:
“Welcome To Prairie”

The Canyon Trip:
“A True Adventure”

College Counseling:
“The Unique Advantage.”

Prairie School Visual Arts:
“A Vital Component of the Student Experience at Prairie.”

Prairie Compass Program:
“Collaboration at Its Best”

Parent Voices – Terra Morris:
“Building a Foundation”

Prairie Water Testing:

“What Can I Do For My Community?”

Prairie Seahawks ROV Team:
“Overcoming Adversity”

The First Day of School:
“Welcoming Another Year of Learning”