Compass Program

Our Mission

The mission of the multi-disciplinary Compass Program is to support the diverse, school-related needs of all students. Through collaboration with students, teachers, and parents, our goal is to maximize each student’s learning potential.

Meet Our Team

Compass Leadership Team

Learning Specialists

Learning Specialists collaborate with teachers, students and parents to identify learner strengths and challenges, encourage self-advocacy and support learning and study strategies to ensure school success.

  • Learning Specialist (Early School – Grade 6) – Kim Leinweber
  • Learning Specialist (Grade 7 – Grade 12) – Mari Grobschmidt

School Psychologist

The Director of Education for Psychology and Counseling collaborates with teachers, students and parents to support emotionally secure relationships that positively impact academic and social success for each student.

  • Director of Education in Psychology and Counseling (Early School – Grade 12) – Mike Boticki
  • School Counselor – Amy Peterson


The Nurse(s) provide medical care and support, health assessments and wellness counseling for the school community.  In collaboration with students, teachers, and families recommendations are made to maximize time in class.

  • School Nurse (full-time) – Julianne Smith

Academic Support Teachers

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