News & Highlights

Our alumni are currently living around the nation and world.  With over 1800 graduates, we are proud of the accomplishments and successes our graduates have obtained.  Here are just a few highlights!


Featured Alum:
“Mr. John Batten: Twin Disc”


Bill Reid ‘73 has been part of the Prairie family for 42 years and counting. Graduating from Prairie in 1973, he’s now a valued and tenured member of our faculty and visual arts department. He also serves as Prairie’s Artist in Residence, a program uncommonly found in other independent schools.

Surrounded by a conglomeration of colorful odds and ends, scrap metal, and welding equipment, Bill can be found quietly torching together his creations piece by piece. His artwork decorates our campus halls with color and imagination and serves as inspiration for young artists. His most unique pieces are derived from simple puns including animal names and adjectives, such as “The Distanteater” and “The Artelope.” Every piece has a story that helps drive the clever word plays and design.

When asked about his time at Prairie, Bill shared:

I like the little things at Prairie. It is and always has been about the kids. I like when the little wee wogs knock on the dining room windows to see what is new. It is always fun and informative when I talk to them about what I am up to. In return, they share their opinions about my work, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Bobby Schuessler ‘06 has come a long way from hanging out in The Prairie School Theatre. His love for life, the arts, and media has him living in New York City where he is a style editor, writer, and on-camera host contributing to magazines and brands such as Us Weekly, Glamour, Lucky, Men’s Health and E!. Upon graduating from Prairie, Bobby obtained a Communications Degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

“My Prairie experience prepared me for college, which in turn prepared me for my career. As a writer, I learned the foundation of putting together a solid story in the Prairie classrooms. And while I dreaded our yearly research papers, I still utilize the skills I learned from that writing and researching process today.”


Ari Hagopian, Class of 03’.  Ari currently serves as a Director with Reliv International. His role allows him to help develop independent distribution systems world-wide, helping others to work for themselves.  He also helps people get and stay healthy.  Ari enjoys his flexible schedule and looks forward to continued travel as Reliv expands to new areas of the world. When asked his fondest memory, he shared the following, “Making the game winning shot against Lutheran my senior year.”

Lindsay Brewer Roskovensky, Class of 02’. Lindsay is currently a Research Analyst for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in Washington, DC. One of her current projects is to also administer the Pre-MCAT Questionnaire to MCAT examinees and the Matriculating Student Questionnaire to new medical students. When asked her fondest memory, she shared the following,“Playing on the women’s tennis team and contributing to two state championships with my fellow teammates.”

Karen Corsica, Class of 83’. Karen is currently working as a freelance media producer and project manager.  Her most current project is with Seattle’s history museum where she has worked with multimedia since 2004.  She has also been a producer and product manager for the film and television industry in Boston. When asked her fondest memory, she shared the following, “As I get older, I can’t say that I have one specific memory of my nine years at Prairie, but rather feel the lasting influence of the people in my life during that time, whether teachers who took an interest, coaches who pushed me harder, friends I remember fondly and have had the pleasure of reconnecting with over these last years. Even nearly 30 years removed from my time at Prairie, there is still a feeling of warmth, affection, and a sense of family cultivated through our shared experience. I’m looking forward to coming back.”