Early Admission

The Prairie School will offer Early Admission to incoming, new-to-Prairie 6th and 9th grade students who meet or exceed the school’s admission requirements. 


  • Parents will be guaranteed the 2023-24 tuition rate for the 2024-25 school year for the admitted student.
    • The inclusive fee will be charged at the 20234-25 rate.
  • Early Admit students will have priority over other new students when determining course selection for the 2024-25 school year.
  • Pending availability, families will receive complimentary tickets to regular-season home athletic competitions as well as tickets to our Middle and Upper School musicals.
  • Families have peace of mind knowing that their middle or high school decision is settled well before the start of the new school year, ensuring that their child is invited to every orientation and get-to-know Prairie event.


  • December 1st – All applicant materials are due and visit/interview must be completed 
  • December 15th – Applicants are notified of their acceptance status (admit, decline, wait pool)


Completed admission file includes:

    • Application
    • Portfolio (1 math; 1 science; 1 writing)
    • Teacher references for Math and English
    • Recent grades/transcript and standardized test scores
    • Shadow visit and conversation with the appropriate Division Head: visit day availability is limited, so be sure to schedule early!
    • Completion of Prairie’s math assessment. Most families opt to do this during the visit day, but it can be scheduled for an alternate time if you prefer.
    • Admission decisions are made independently of scholarship decisions. If a family would like to apply for need-based scholarships, they should fill out Prairie’s preliminary one-page form and submit it by the December 1 Early Admit deadline.


Why does Prairie offer Early Admission?

  • History shows that the earlier the decision is made by the family to enroll at Prairie, the smoother the student’s transition is to the Prairie community.
  • Enrolling Early Admission offers prospective families the financial advantage of knowing their child’s first-year Prairie tuition eight months before the start of the school year.

What is the suggested timeline so that our family meets the published Early Admission deadlines?

  • ASAP: request your teacher references, grades/transcripts, and standardized test scores
  • By November 1: contact the Admission Office to schedule a student visit and interview – the sooner the better
  • By December 1: drop off portfolio materials and be sure to submit your application and preliminary financial aid form (if applicable) online
  • Early submission of materials will not change the decision timeline; all Early Admit decisions will be shared on December 9th

If my child receives an offer of Early Admission, will we also know about scholarship amounts/awards at the same time?

  • Yes – any Early Admit family who completes a Preliminary Financial Aid Form will receive an initial estimate, if they qualify based on the information provided, as part of the EA process.
  • Any family wishing to receive a scholarship must then complete the official FACTS aid application form (available in mid-December). Prairie’s initial estimate may be adjusted based on the updated financial information provided at that time.

If my child receives an offer of Early Admission but we don’t return the contract by the due date, what happens then? Is their offer rescinded?

  • If a family does not return the signed contract by the Early Admit due date, the tuition offer will expire and they will be subject to the regular 2023 – 2024 rate. Their child may still be admitted to Prairie pending space availability. 

What happens if our family changes our mind?

  • Sometimes life interferes with even the best-laid plans. Please keep in mind the following timelines after signing your contract:
    • Prior to June 1, 2023: a withdrawal means forfeiture of the $500 enrollment deposit.
    • After June 1, 2023: please refer to the text of your enrollment contract for specific dates and obligations.

What if my child is not admitted via EA – are we still considered for regular admission?

  • We have a selective admission process to ensure that all admitted students are prepared to have a successful Prairie experience. If your child is deferred, the Admission team will continue to work with you on next steps and your child’s application will be considered later in the admission cycle. If your child is not admitted, the Admission Team can partner with you to find an alternative school option.