How do I order tickets to productions?

Order your tickets by via email at shows@prairieschool.com or by calling 262.752.2597.


How do I sign up for private music lessons?

Make direct contact with the instructor.  Private teacher names, email and phone are listed in the Private Music Teacher section of the Performing Arts Web Site.

Do older students get priority in show casting?

In all auditions there is no preference given to the grade levels of students.  The student who best fits the role is cast.

Does Prairie’s “No Cut Policy” apply to Performing Arts Productions?

In the Performing Arts we believe each student has creative potential!  We also teach students that a production is much broader than the “onstage cast.”  Integral to our shows are opportunities to stage manage, crew, assist with costumes, help with makeup and hair, coordinate publicity, run the box office, perform music, run lights, work the sound, and in some productions, assist the directors.

With each production we strive for inclusion but can’t guarantee a particular position.  For example, in Athletics students are guaranteed participation but not playing time.  Translated to the Performing Arts, we offer opportunities in production participation for every student but not onstage roles for everyone.


Can I do athletics and be in a production, too?

Performing Arts productions are arranged in seasons: the fall play, the winter musical, and the spring one-acts.  By alternating athletics and performing arts a student can participate in both activities, provided they do not select teams and shows that occupy the same season.

Do I have to take Tech Theatre, Theatre, or Music classes to be involved in a show?

All major shows are extracurricular.  They are rehearsed outside the classroom, and auditions are open to everyone whether or not they have taken Performing Arts classes.

How do I become part of the stage crew?

Initial crew calls often occur during morning meeting.  Or, speak to the Tech Theatre director.  You do not have to be enrolled in a tech class to be on the crew.

What courses and extracurriculars are offered in the Performing Arts?

Primary, Middle and Upper School classes and extracurriculars are summarized in the Curriculum section of the Performing Arts web site.

Why is it that only the cast takes a bow at the end of a musical?

In our MS and US shows we strive to create the magic of theatre in a polished and child centered way; breaking down the magic at the end of the show by interjecting crew and orchestra on stage is not appropriate, so we use side screen projections to highlight the rest of the company.  Said another way: as students grow in theatre throughout their ES-12th grade schooling, they learn that public recognition has appropriate places (concerts, morning meetings, assemblies, festivals, recitals); other events have a different convention (plays, musicals), and in those cases we endeavor to teach our MS and US students that the cast’s bow is a gesture that speaks for the entire company.

What arrangements are made for students to have dinner on long rehearsals days?

We have a beloved tradition in the Performing Arts of having snacks during our final rehearsal period.  Parents support the students by bringing in amazing food to feed the members of the production.  Prior to these rehearsals the entire company gathers on stage, and we spend a half hour having one big community picnic!!

Where can I get performing arts show photos?

All theatre and many concert events produced by the Performing Arts department are photographed by professional stage photographer Mark Frohna. From his website: “Mark is one of the most experienced theatre and dance photographers around, with more than 800 productions for schools, community groups and professional arts organizations. Mark connects emotionally with the artists and stories on stage, producing photographs that compel!” On average, Mark shoots 300 photos for each production including all aspects of the production. (ie: backstage, onstage, orchestra)

Photo DVD’s for each production are ordered for every member of the cast, unless they opt out. DVD’s are also available for purchase to crew, orchestra, family and friends. Please contact the production director for more information on how to order Photo DVD copies

Who goes on The Music Bus and when does the trip take place?

In the first and third trimesters, all MS Performing Arts Ensembles are invited to participate in Music Bus trips to local retirement and nursing home.  The students present pieces they have been working on throughout the trimester in an informal, concert-like setting.  Every Music Bus event takes place during the school day.

What are the Primary School performance opportunities?

Students in Primary School music create, improvise, and perform daily through singing, dancing, and playing instruments in their scheduled music classes.  A formal performance opportunity is offered by joining Primary School Choir.  This choir is open to all third and fourth grade students.  Primary School Choir performs at Books Alive Assemblies, Primary School Fan Night, and they also have the opportunity to join with the MS and US musicians in the December Jubilate concert and April Finale concert.