Primary School Art Curriculum

Performing Arts

Prairie’s Performing Arts adventure begins as Primary School students give expression to their creativity by singing, moving, and playing instruments. As they discover the possibilities in their own voices, they also learn how their talents can combine with others in an artistic tapestry of their own creation. In the Primary School years, students make their own choir come alive in Prairie’s theatre.  They are mentored by Middle and Upper School music buddies and by professional artists from the ballet, opera, and symphony.  Our goal is to deepen each student’s abilities to imagine, create, perform, listen, and reflect as they commence their life-long enjoyment of the Performing Arts.

Visual Arts

Primary School students are welcomed into a world of creative exploration at Prairie. Encouraged to explore various mediums, artists, and aesthetics, students learn a vast artistic vocabulary that enables them to create their own art world. Students takeownership of their learning through inquiry based, open-ended lessons and are engaged in thoughtful conversation that cultivate critical thinking skills. Students visit the art room three out of every six days at Prairie where art is a critical component of their well-rounded education.  Our goal is to develop independent creative thinkers that will be able to positively contribute to The Prairie School and the greater community.

  • Drawing (representational and abstract)
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Printmaking
  • Painting
  • Field trips
  • Critiques
  • Cross-curricular collaboration
  • Art History

Music Curriculum by Grade:

Early School

In early school, students begin to create music through a variety of activities, including singing, movement, and playparties. Early schoolers also have their first exposure to small hand percussion during this year of experiencing and enjoying music in a large group environment


In kindergarten, students continue to create music in a variety of ways. Students develop a steady sense of beat and explore their singing voices – both individually and as a group. Simple folk dances are introduced.

First Grade

In first grade, students are well on their way to singing in tune. Students develop their sense of beat and learn simple rhythms that use quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes and quarter rests. They continue to use a variety of instruments to accompany their singing, and experiences in movement and folk dancing are also growing.

Second Grade

In second grade, students are able to expand their vocal and instrumental “color palette”, including a wide variety of small percussion instruments. Second graders continue to develop their singing, creative movement, and folk dancing skills while enjoying a growing experience with the barred instruments.

Third Grade

In third grade, students continue their musical development through singing in rounds and playing the soprano recorder. Third graders approach more difficult music on the barred instruments and take on the challenge of approaching creative projects within a small-group setting.

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, students broaden their vocal and instrumental skills through partner songs and more advanced recorder playing. Fourth graders get a beginning experience with World Music Drumming and develop their skills on the barred instruments, and have a culminating recorder experience with the MSO.


PS Songbirds
Tuesdays 8:00-8:25 AM Choir is optional; attendance is mandatory. Students may join Songbirds at the beginning of each semester. This year, Songbirds will be performing in Prairie’s Jubilate Concert in December, PS Fan Night in January, and in PS Books, Alive! Presentations throughout the school year.

Suzuki Lessons
Tuesdays 2nd Grade students are invited to enroll in Suzuki Violin and Cello Group Lessons. Parent participation is mandatory. Current Suzuki students in Grades 3 and 4 will continue with their lessons. Contact Suzuki Master Teacher Charlene Melzer,

Private Music Lessons
Is your student ready to take their music-making to the next level? Please visit the website below for private lesson teachers and their contact information. arts/pa/private-music-lessons/