Visual Arts

At Prairie, art is both a body of knowledge and a studio experience in which we organize activities related to specific goals. The sequence and depth of these experiences are determined by nature of the discipline, the objectives desired, and the interests, abilities, and needs of the students to a balance of art experiences. Art activities teach students about different cultures while nurturing creative and imaginative capabilities. The objective is to create a curriculum that values the originality and joy of creating and develops a spirit of inquiry and adventure in the search for a personal expression.

We help students to grow in the appreciation of their own art and in the art of others by positive critiques, field trips to museums, and exposing them to professional artists through the Art Department’s Visiting Artist Program. Various artists and cultures are studied to open the student’s eyes to a works of beauty and art around them.

How Visual Arts Come Alive At Prairie

A Vital Component of the Student Experience

Our Facilities

  • The Main Art Studio (Lower Level)  is where art classes for grades 2 through 8 are taught.  In the Lower Level we have a wet photography studio, a ceramic room with two electric kilns, and a video viewing room.
  • Bill Reid ’73, our artist-in-residence, works in the Lower Level.  For more information on Bill and his creations click here.
  • The Upper Level is primarily used by Upper School.
  • The Kindergarten and first grade classes use the art annex in the Primary School wing.
  • The David Drewek Glass Studio houses the Jess Chapman Hot Glass Program: Prairie is one of two high schools that have a hot glass studio in the US. We are the only school to offer hot glass to Middle School students.


We expose students to a balance of artistic experiences including: drawing, painting, photography, hand and wheel-thrown pottery, sculpture, collage, puppetry, printmaking, fiber-art, metals, paper making, and glassblowing.

2019-20 Visual Art Show

The school year might have ended a bit differently than normal, but we can still have an end of year art show! Congratulations, students, on all of the wonderful, colorful, and creative work you have completed this year!

To access an individual gallery, simply select from the list below.

1st Grade

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th and 6th Grade
7th and 8th Grade

Upper School