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Start Date: March 27, 2023

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Awards and Achievements

  • Record: 8-8 (3-2)
  • Conference Champions
  • County Runner-Ups
  • All-Conference Awards
    • 1st Team: Ben Menzhuber ’25 4s, Carson Emery ’25 3s, Calvin Sharpe ’23 & Jon Orth ’25 1d
    • 2nd Team: Taej Desai ’23 2s
  • All-County Awards
    • 1st Team: Calvin Sharpe ’23 & Jon Orth ’25 1d
  • Calvin Sharpe ’23 & Jon Orth ’25 1d: State Qualifiers
  • Record: 6-2 (5-0)

Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Manitowoc Invitational, Racine County & Metro Classic Conference Champs
  • Special State qualifiers:  Gabe Perez & Anthony Babu (doubles), Pranav Bajaj (singles)
  • Anthony Babu & Finn Chilsen: 1 Doubles Conference Champ & 1st Team All Conference
  • Nick Ruffo: 2 Singles Conference & County Champ and 2nd at Sectionals
  • Kethan Bajaj:  3 Singles Conference & County Champion
  • JD Dreifuerst: 4 Singles County Champ, 3 Doubles 2nd Team All Conference
  • Racine County & Metro Classic Champions
  • Peter Lamberton: All County Player of the Year, 1 Singles Special Qualifier Individual State, County Champion and Conference Runner Up
  • Pranav Bajaj: 2 Singles Conference Champ, 2nd Team All County Singles
  • Nick Ruffo: 3 Singles Conference and County Champ, All County Honorable Mention
  • Kethan Bajaj: 4 Singles Conference Champ
  • Wesley Eaton: 2 Singles County Champ and 2nd Team All County Singles, 2 Doubles Conference Champ
  • DIno Tousis: 1 Doubles Special Qualifier for Individual State, Conference 2nd, 1st Team All County Doubles
  • Anthony Babu: 2 Doubles County and Conference Champ, 2nd Team All County Doubles
  • Lucas Goelz: 1 Doubles Special Qualifier Individual State, County and Conference Champ, 1st Team All County Doubles
  • Ryan Anderson and Sebastian Best, 3 Doubles Conference Champions
  • Season record: 19-4
  • Division 2 State Team Champions
  • Conference Champions, Subsectional and Sectional Champions
  • 1st at Manitowoc Invitational, Prairie Quad and Brown Deer
  • Juan Perez: 3rd consecutive Racine County Player of the Year
  • 1st Team All County:  Peter Lamberton, Andrew Liu and Jacob Ruud
  • 2nd Team All County: Rohan Banerjee, Lucas Goelz, Dino Tousis
  • Individual State Qualifiers: Rohan Banerjee, Peter Lamberton, Andrew Liu, Juan Perez and Jacob Ruud
  • 3rd Place State Doubles: Peter Lamberton and Jacob Ruud
  • Season record: 12-4
  • Conference Champions
  • Subsectional Champions, 2nd at Sectionals.
  • Racine County Champions
  • Individual State Qualifiers: Peter Lamberton, Andrew Liu, Rohan Mhaskar, Juan Perez, Kurt Ringwalt, Jacob Ruud,
  • Juan Perez: Racine County Player of the Year
  • Season Record 17-5
  • Racine County Tournament Champions
  • Conference Champions
  • Subsectional Full Team Qualifiers
  • 1st in Subsectional and 2nd in Sectional
  • State Qualifiers: Juan Perez, Andrew Liu, and Doubles Ian Foster and Fordy Leipold.
  • Juan Perez: 2nd Place D2 State 1 Singles, Racine County Player of the Year
  • Season Record 14-4
  • Metro Conference Champions
  • All Conference 1st Team: Zane Navratil, Thomas Ware, Ian Foster, Rohan Mhasker, Charles Seaks and Rosholt, Chris Porter and Kurt Ringwalt
  • All Racine County:
    1st Team: Zane Navratil, Thomas Ware, Charlie Lamberton and Fordy Leipold
    2nd Team: Charles Seakes and Charles Rosholt
  • Racine County Player of the Year: Zane Navratil
  • 2nd in WIAA Sectional
  • State Qualifiers: Zane Navratil and Thomas Ware
  • Thomas Ware 7th in State
  • Zane Navratil – WIAA Division 2 Back to Back State Singles Champion
Coach Contact Info:

Head Coach:
Nich Schafer

Assistant Coach:
Mike Johnson