Ruvna Health Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ruvna?

Intuitive COVID-19 screening, tracking, and notifications for K-12 schools and districts.

Why did Prairie choose Ruvna?

Ruvna Health provides a secure, streamlined system for Prairie’s daily health check-ins. Ruvna is a certified PowerSchool partner, and will eventually integrate with our school management system to make this entire process even easier. In testing, we found their user interface to be more intuitive than other systems’.

Why are we moving away from paper health tickets?

A digital health check-in saves paper, provides a seamless stream of backed-up data, and reduces the potential of germ transmission through the exchange of physical items. This system will also be easier for busy families and those with multiple health tickets to complete.

How does it work?

Every morning, parents will receive an automated text message from Ruvna. The text includes a unique link to a digital health form for each child in your family. Upon completion, Prairie will receive the data directly and instantaneously.

How does Prairie determine who gets the text each morning?

Ruvna is synced with PowerSchool. Parent cell phone information is pulled directly from the cell phone field in each student record.  In addition, Upper School students will also receive their own Ruvna texts each day and will be able to check themselves in.

We are a two-household family. Will both homes receive the text?

All adult guardians listed in PowerSchool will receive the text for each child. If you have questions about this procedure, please contact your Division Head.

If the form is sent to multiple devices, can it be filled out more than once?

Each health check-in contains a unique link; if one parent or US student completes the health check-in for their child, anyone else who tries to check-in for that student will see a message stating that the procedure is already complete for the day.

My child is in PS or MS and has a cell phone. Can they get the text?

No. Only the Upper School students will have the ability to fill out their own digital health form.

Should I fill out the form if my child has a planned absence from school?

If you have already made advance arrangements for your child to miss the school day, you do not have to fill out the Ruvna health form.

My child does not feel well and I am keeping them home. Should I still fill out the form?

Yes. Recording health-related absence information helps keep our community healthy. Please note that you will still need to call your child in sick on the school’s Attendance Line.

Are paper tickets still an option?

In order to best facilitate the health check-in process, we will no longer use paper tickets for students and faculty after November 9.

How can I use Ruvna if I do not have a smartphone?

If this is the case, the best solution we have found is to create a digital phone number by utilizing the free Google Voice platform. To do this, register on Google Voice with a personal Gmail account. If you need help setting up a Google Voice account, contact Austin Gundlach, Assistant Director of Advancement, at 262.752.2524. 

After creating a Google Voice account, please email Kim Forsman, MS Assistant & School Registrar, with your Google Voice information so that it can be added to the appropriate place in PowerSchool. You must take this final step in order for a Google Voice number to be used with Ruvna.

Why do the paper tickets require an actual temperature and the app does not?

Ruvna does not currently offer the option to enter a numeric temperature. As with the paper Health Tickets, we are relying on our families to continue to be vigilant about temperature taking each morning. 

What happens if my child is not approved to come to school?

As with the paper Health Ticket, if your child displays any of the symptoms in the list they will need to stay home. If this is the case, you will see an automatic message appear on your screen after the check-in is complete.  Refer to Prairie’s 2020 – 2021 School Year Plan for next steps, which will depend on your situation.

What if I made a mistake on my form?

Ruvna health forms are not editable. Before bringing your child to school, please contact your Division Assistant to report your error.

What if I forget to submit my child’s digital health form?

In the Primary and Middle School, we will take your child’s temperature at the door and you will be contacted by your Division Office to ensure the form is filled out ASAP. In the Upper School, students will be able to fill out their own forms.

Do all guardians need to receive the text every day?

In accordance with the #BetterTogether pledge, all Primary & Middle School parents/guardians will receive the health form via text each morning. This ensures the ability to convey health updates on a daily basis. As Upper School students can fill out the form themselves, it is acceptable for Upper School parents to opt-out of the daily text messages. Please contact Barb Barth to learn more. 

How quickly does information updated in PowerSchool transfer into Ruvna?

Updated information in PowerSchool is synced periodically to Ruvna, and this process may take up to three business days. If you would like to confirm whether your information has been updated, contact Austin Gundlach, Assistant Director of Advancement, at 262.752.2524.

Do I or my student need to show the confirmation QR code page upon entry?

Primary and Middle School students may enter the building without showing proof of verification as faculty will be screening upon entry and in the classroom. Upper School students must show the daily QR code to enter the building.

Who do I contact with questions?

Procedural questions: contact your Division Assistant:

How to use Ruvna Health Forms

Procedural Questions?

Contact your Division Assistant:

Procedural Questions?

Contact your Division Assistant:

Health-related Question?

Contact Julianne Smith, School Nurse: