Homecoming Reminders from the Dean of Students

Dear Prairie Parents,

Homecoming is fast approaching, and we are excited for the festivities of Spirit Week and the dance. Student government has been working enthusiastically to plan the events of the week with a focus on increasing school spirit, creating activities for all students to show their Prairie pride.

As a school, we are concerned with creating a community of respect and trust as well as ensuring students’ safety at these school-sponsored activities. As such, we have set out the clear expectations for these school events.

Spirit Week dress up days will start on Wednesday. Dress code still applies on these days. As students choose their costumes, please consider the appropriateness of the costume for a school environment. Does it fit within the confines of the Prairie dress code?

  • Students should remain focused on their school work. We will have fun events each day; however, when class is in session, class is in session. Homework still needs to be done, and all faculty expect attentive, engaged students in the classroom for the whole week.
  • The dance begins at 7:30. Doors close at 8:00. No students will be admitted after that time.
  • The dance ends at 9:30. All students must remain until the end of the dance.
  • At the dance, students should respect the chaperones, their peers, and the facilities. This is a school dance, not a private party. All interactions and behaviors at the dance should be appropriate to a school setting and respectful of those at the dance.
  • Any use of illegal substances will not be not tolerated. Students could be breathalyzed if there is any suspicion that they are under the influence. Students’ safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us, and, therefore, we treat these offenses very seriously.

Additionally, we are aware that there are activities that go beyond the Spirit Week activities and dance. These events are not connected to or condoned by the school. We strongly encourage you to take some time to discuss your expectations for these non-school-sponsored events with your son or daughter. Our recommendations include:

  • Communicating with your son or daughter about their plans and your expectations before and after the dance.
  • Communicating with other parents if your son or daughter is travelling in groups or attending a post-dance event.
  • Knowing that you are not alone in setting expectations and implementing restrictions for your son or daughter to ensure that they make healthy choices.

We look forward to a fantastic Homecoming week. The faculty has been so encouraged by the enthusiasm and attitude of our Prairie students so far this year. We see diligent, respectful, and engaged students, and we trust that these attitudes will continue to shine as we move into Spirit Week. Thank you for your continued involvement and energetic support of the school and your children!


Elizabeth Davis
Upper School Dean of StudentsD