Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Relief: You Can Make a Difference

The US Service Club has constructed a comprehensive plan to include all members of the Prairie community in this relief effort.  All proceeds from the activities listed below will go to help those who suffered the effects of these two storms.  Here’s how you can help:

Primary School:

  • Students can drop off monetary donations to the PS Office. Checks should be made out to the Red Cross.
  • Handwritten letters will be sent as encouragement to children at the school receiving supplies.

Middle School:

  • Monetary donations can be dropped of at the MS Office. Checks should be made out to the Red Cross.
  • With a donation toward the relief effort, students can wear a Prairie t-shirt instead of a blazer on a designated Wednesday.

Upper School:

  • There will be a donation bucket in the US Office. Checks should be made out to the Red Cross.
  • Several Homecoming activities will raise money toward the relief effort.

Finally, watch for more information on the October 25th blood drive. This is an important way to give back and to support the work of the Red Cross in disaster areas.  Thank you for your participation!