Kindergarten at Prairie

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Kindergarten is _________ .



Whether it's making family portraits in art, deciding what center to visit during free choice, or using Legos to solve math problems, Prairie students are using their imaginations every single day in ways that open their eyes (and minds and hearts) to the world around them.


Trying new things to discover what's possible. Is anything more important when it comes to self-discovery? Prairie's small class sizes (5:1 student:teacher ratio), master Kindergarten teachers, and warm, inviting classrooms allow for a learning environment where children are truly known, valued, supported, and challenged as they grow into kind, curious, independent thinkers.

Play Veterinarians Kindergarteners


While Kindergarten is a crucial time of self-discovery, it's also when students start learning how to work well with others. Whether it's one-on-one time with their teacher to work in their math journal, or collaborating with classmates during a science experiment, students are constantly learning how to treat one another with compassion while building healthy relationships.

Robotics Unit

The Robotics Unit is a Kindergarten classic! During this project students explore the connection between empathy and robotics and how people in our community could benefit from innovative kindness and one-of-a-kind technology.

How it works: students select members of the Prairie community they think could benefit from the help of robots. Next, they generate a list of questions to decipher what parts of their jobs robots could help them complete. Finally, they conduct classroom interviews to learn more about their job(s) so they can brainstorm ways robotics could be used.'s time to build!

Come Experience Kindergarten for Yourself!

Discovery Days afford your child a chance to be assessed for Kindergarten readiness. Come get a feel for all the awesome opportunities Prairie can offer your young learner!

February 3rd, 2024 (4K & Kindergarten Only)

8:30AM Session Only

April 13th, 2024


10:30AM – Noon

May 11th, 2024

8:30AM Session Only