Homecoming & Spirit Week Information

Dear Prairie Parents,

On behalf of the Upper School student body, welcome back to yet another great year! As class representatives, we, the Student Government officers, coordinate student functions; therefore, we are excited to kick off the year with our annual Homecoming festivities, which we would like to briefly explain below.

The week of Homecoming, called Spirit Week, commences on Monday, September 28 and ends with the Homecoming Dance on the night of Saturday, October 3. This year’s themed dance is entitled “Interstellar,” chosen by the student body. Homecoming Week is a Prairie School tradition that celebrates school pride and the beginning of a new academic year. Although classes will proceed as normal throughout the week, students are encouraged to show school spirit through their participation in different activities. Furthermore, classes will compete for the “Spirit Trophy,” awarded at the end of the week, by winning points for every student in that grade that participates in a certain activity. Throughout the week, students are encouraged to participate in the following dress up days:

Manitowish Monday

  • Students dress as if they were attending Camp Manitowish. Outdoor gear and attire are encouraged, as well as athletic shorts that are an appropriate length.

Twinning Tuesday

  • Students will dress in similar fashions to at least one other student. Students that “twin” with a teacher will receive double points (note that this does not mean dressing up as a teacher).

Generation Day Wednesday

  • For Generation Day, the freshmen will be babies, sophomores will be preppy college students, juniors will be middle-aged professionals, and seniors will be senior citizens.

Salad Dressing Thursday

  • For Salad Dressing Day, students will embody certain salad dressings. The freshmen will be blue cheese dressing, the sophomores will be thousand island, the juniors will be ranch, and the seniors will be caesar dressing.

Class Theme Day

  • Students wear their class tee-shirts.

While the whole Prairie community is invited to Fall Festival the afternoon of Friday, October 2, the Upper School hosts its own special “Homecoming Games” on that Friday from 12:35 to 3:35 p.m. Students will partake in a variety of games, including touch powder-puff football, a series of rapid games in the Field House, a relay race, tug-of-war, and a performance of each grade’s cheer or dance. Points are awarded for each activity mentioned above, and after a final evaluation and tally by judges, the winners of the Spirit Award will be announced. These activities are always a wonderful way to unify the Upper School and raise school spirit.

Homecoming Dance Details

The Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, October 3 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. and will be held in the Upper School Commons at Prairie. The only entrance to the dance will be through door #8, so students must be dropped off or park in the Upper School Parking Lot. The doors close at 8:00 p.m., and students will not be able to re-enter the dance after leaving. Additionally, a $10 entry fee for the dance will be used to sponsor Student Government.

If students dance or act inappropriately, they will be asked to leave. In addition, those students must make arrangements with their parents to be sent home and will deal with further consequences. Members of the Upper School faculty will be chaperoning the dance and monitoring behavior. The dance is intended to have a safe yet fun atmosphere, so parents and students alike can be assured of a great time!

Maya Dizack, John Mark Goeke, Maria Campos, and Allison Mattox