12 Days of Giving

The 12 Days of Christmas. It's not just a timeless holiday tune; it's a time-honored tradition at Prairie, every year on the last day of school before Winter Break. You know the drill: Each class chimes in, adding the verse that corresponds to their grade level (i.e. Grade 1 sings about "the first day of Christmas / my true love gave to me..." and so on, through Grade 12), culminating in a campus-wide chorus celebrating in a spirit of togetherness.

Unfortunately, things look a bit different this year on campus, as in many places, and students will celebrate together in new, creative ways. And we will, too — but we want to keep the streak going one way or another.

So, in the coming weeks, we'll be sharing 12 different stories about the people and places who have helped define Prairie over the past 55 years. We're calling it the "12 Days of Giving."

We encourage you to share the stories you remember (or the new ones you'd never heard before!) We also invite you to celebrate your relationship with Prairie by making a contribution in support of the school that helped create those memories. This year more than any other, your philanthropy is critical in helping us create, collaborate, and celebrate with one another during the pandemic, and for many more years to come.

12 day of Giving-12

The Coolest Nerd You'll Ever Meet

To kick off the 12 Days of Giving, we introduce you to Jean Weaver, a Science teacher who has made her subject the talk of Prairie’s Upper School.

12 day of Giving-01

Between a Rock and a Wind Point Place

Prairie rocks. In more ways than one. But what’s the deal with THE Rock?

12 day of Giving-02

JAC of All Trades

It may only have three letters, but it has many uses.

12 day of Giving-03

Full Circle

Finding your way ’round the many circles at Prairie wasn’t always in the plans for campus.

Day 5-04

"As Before and More"

Those are the words founder Imogene Johnson spoke about how Prairie would rebuild after a devastating catastrophe on campus in 1975.


"The Ultimate Building Block"

Prairie’s newest campus addition has been a true community effort.


Fielding Success

Prairie’s early achievements in Girls’ Field Hockey served as an indicator of great things to come.

12 day of Giving-07

"Come Hell or High Water"

Five Heads of School have lead the way at TPS since 1965.

12 day of Giving-08

Everyone Loves a Parade

No one in the world loves hugs more than a Primary School teacher. This is a scientific fact. And so when Prairie was forced to conclude the 2019-20 school year while still learning from home, this presented quite a dilemma.

12 day of Giving-09

Sounds of the Season

Prairie finds a way to celebrate — or rather, Jubilate — together in 2020.

12 day of Giving-10

Cooking With Carol

Carol Malik worked in Prairie’s Dining Room as part of the Food Service team for nearly 40 years. She officially retired in 2015, but every now and then you’ll still spot her face in the kitchen.

12 day of Giving-11

Top 12 Moments of 2020

2020. It was a year we’ll never, ever forget. Check out what moments truly helped us grow #BetterTogether.