About Us

The Prairie School in Wind Point, WI, is one of the finest private, independent, college preparatory day schools in the United States.

Prairie serves students from Early School/Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, developing educated, poised, confident, creative, and responsible leaders through rigorous and demanding academic programs that enhance individual talents and abilities.

We believe a well-rounded education is the key to lifelong success. Our students are encouraged to pursue and achieve excellence in all things. Here your son or daughter will realize their dreams as a scholar, artist, athlete and leader.

By capitalizing on the countless opportunities available to them at Prairie, every single student shapes an experience that prepares them to enter the next phase of their life capable and confident.

In a fast, relentless world where jobs and careers are continually evolving, Prairie graduates are creative problem solvers and outstanding communicators able to thrive in whatever endeavor they choose.

This is where your child will be exposed to an unmatched array of topics and ideas. Where they will learn to create, collaborate and communicate. Where they will become equipped with the tools to think, reason, write and question.

This is where your child will take ownership of their dreams while chasing down their passions.


Our Mission

The Prairie School is a child-centered, college-preparatory day school whose mission is to educate our children; develop their character; nurture their individual talents, interests, and abilities; and affirm their dignity and self-worth.

We foster academic excellence, leadership, creativity and environmental responsibility, emphasizing individual success while teaching the value of service to our local and global communities.