Insects invade Prairie's Kindergarten classrooms

By Communications Department | Primary School, Student Life

There was an infestation of curiosity and excitement this week in Kindergarten thanks to a visit by an entomologist from the SC Johnson Center for Insect Science.

Ed Laznicka brought a box full of 5,000 mosquitoes, as well as butterflies, beetles, and other insects for observation during his visit. It’s all part of the Kindergarten Insect Unit and the grade’s commitment to making real life connections to their studies.

Laznicka asked questions the students enthusiastically answered. For example, they knew only female mosquitoes are the ones that bite.

In addition to being quizzed, students observed a variety of bugs both dead and alive. Students even had the opportunity to touch cockroaches, for those who wanted to do so…opinions, as you might guess, were varied.

The Kindergarten’s Insect Unit started with ants just before Spring Break as students examined tunnels in ant farms and learned all ants have a job to do.

Currently, each has their own mealworm in a test tube and they are responsible for feeding it as it goes from larvae to pupae to adult beetle.

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