Prairie artists' paintings, ceramics, and metal artworks chosen for Madison exhibit.

By Communications Department | Arts, Middle School, Primary School, Upper School

Student artwork from all three Prairie school divisions is being featured in the state Youth Art Month exhibit later this month in Madison.

The students’ works were chosen from a regional Youth Art Month exhibit at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in February. Ten students had their creations selected for the state exhibit. In addition, two students won awards: Georgia Pitts, Primary School (PS), for her work Sunflower and Emmett Santalucia ’24, for his photo Generational Inspiration.

You can view the works here, and see a student list by school division below.

Artworks selected for the exhibit in Madison from the PS:

  • Sunflower, by 1st Grade student Georgia Pitts, who also won the Henri Matisse Award for Best Use of Color for her work
  • Flower, by 2nd Grade student Giuliana Farbo
  • Metal Relief Animal Portrait, by 4th Grade student Juana Raimondi

Artwork selected for the exhibit from the Middle School (MS):

  • Texture Box, by Alex Marek ’26

Artworks selected from the Upper School (US):

  • Candy Cane vase, by Madeline Nelson ’22
  • Slumped Bowl with Color Swatches, by Emma DeGroot ’22
  • Sgraffito Bowl, by Sarah Koker ’23
  • Blue Café painting, by Ellie Jossart ’22
  • Cow ink wash, by Clara Bates ’22
  • Ship drawing, by Mason Santalucia ’22

These works can be seen at the Youth Art exhibit at the West Town Mall in Madison from Saturday, March 12th through Friday, March 25th.

In addition, US student Emmett Santalucia ’24 won the Dorothea Lange Award for Best in Photography for his photo Generational Inspiration in the regional Youth Art Month exhibit.