Students featured in UW-Parkside exhibit.

Artistic expression knows no bounds, and at Prairie, we take pride in encouraging and showcasing the artistic talents of our students. Recently, four Prairie Upper School students had their exceptional artwork selected for display at UW-Parkside’s Mathis Gallery.

The selection process is based on thoughtful consideration by local art teachers, who are invited to submit up to four artwork pieces from students in Grades 10 through 12. This method ensures that a diverse range of talents are represented, reflecting the rich artistic tapestry of Prairie and surrounding schools. 

The Mathis Gallery is not only dedicated to showcasing high school student artwork but also hosts various visual art exhibitions throughout the year. It is a dynamic space that continually celebrates creativity, from the prestigious National Print Exhibition to individual artist showcases that rotate every two to three months.

The Mathis Gallery is just one of several opportunities that Prairie embraces to showcase our students’ artwork beyond the school walls. As Youth Art Month approaches, we eagerly anticipate the chance to exhibit student work from all grades at a special showcase at the Sharon Wilson Center for the Arts.

Several of our Upper School students have also submitted their work to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, vying for regional recognition. We eagerly await the award decisions on February 1st, hopeful that Prairie’s artists will receive the acknowledgment they truly deserve.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of our recently featured students in The Mathis Gallery:

  • Annaliese Nguyen ’24
    • Artwork: Self-portrait drawing with ballpoint pen

  • Cecilia Berkey ’24
    • Artwork: Still life drawing with chalk pastel

  • Garrett Ford ’24
    • Artwork: Glass casting sculpture

  • Mars Jones ’25
    • Artwork: Ceramic mask