By Callie Atanasoff | Academics, Upper School

Soap bubbles live a very short life, typically lasting only a few seconds before bursting or colliding.

In that span of time, though, they have a lot to teach us. Sarah Turek, Upper School Science instructor, has figured out how to harness the magic of bubbles and incorporate it into her AP Biology class.

During Mrs. Turek’s Bubble Lab, students use bubbles to model several properties of a cell’s membrane. As it turns out, the structure of a bubble is very similar to the membrane, thus becoming a visual representation of a complex topic. Suddenly a lecture on the properties of a cell membrane comes to life, allowing students to understand new and difficult concepts and have fun while learning. Mrs. Turek mimics this same approach — creative, memorable activities that connect the scientific dots — in many of her classes, embracing the idea of
hands-on, student-centered education.

From shark dissection in first grade to Physics in a Box™ in Middle School and bubble labs in Biology, Prairie creates the space for students to be scientists in the classroom and in the world around them.