Improvisational music reverberates throughout the hallways

You could hear Middle and Upper School jazz students express their musical creativity in the hallways yesterday afternoon during Jazz Day. Improvising, a foundational element of jazz, was one feature of this educational event, which brought in three professional artists (Mark Davis, Dave Bayles, and Andrew Trim) to work with students.

Instrumental Music Instructor, Jamie Breiwick said gifted professionals “raise the bar, and expose them (students) to a new perspective, and help them in their growth in music and jazz.”He says it is unique to have a middle or high school host this type of event, which is normally held at universities.

 The day featured workshops and clinics, history and theory sessions, and a concert that was livestreamed.  “I think the kids had a great time too. The feedback I got from them was that they really enjoyed it,” Breiwick said.

 The Jazz Program at Prairie is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the cultural and artistic relevance of the jazz genre and the role of jazz music in American history and culture.

The program has three main performing groups:

  • Jazz Lab (Beginning, 6)
  • Jazz Ensemble (Intermediate, 7/8)
  • Jazz Combos (Advanced, 9-12)

If you have a student who is interested in jazz, check out our week-long summer camps open to all students.