Malone Schools Online Network Offers Prairie Students Unusual – and Exceptional – Opportunities

By Brendan O'Brien | Student Life, Upper School

Aspiring artist. Talented essayist. Math Club President. Choir songstress. Fearless wielder of backstage drills.

There aren’t many things Nancy Wang ’20 has failed to accomplish during her time on campus.

Go ahead and add Online Taker of Extremely Tricky Classes to the ever-growing list. This semester, Wang, who is still waiting to hear from a number of schools but plans to study Chemistry and Fashion Design in college, will be taking her fourth class through the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON).

In spring of 2011, Prairie was selected by The Malone Family Foundation to receive a $2 million endowment award to establish The Malone Scholars Program. The program was started by John Malone of Colorado to provide “an outstanding education to every top-level student who displays the keen desire and motivation to learn, yet lacks the resources to finance such an education.”

Prairie’s partnership with Malone affords upper level sophomores and juniors like Wang the opportunity to take unusual courses intended to bolster a participating school’s curriculum.

“I have really enjoyed the three – soon to be four – MSON courses I’ve taken,” says Wang.  “They are definitely challenging and focus on things one wouldn’t normally learn in a regular high school setting; they’re more like college courses. Class discussions are fun, the teachers are chill, and what we learn is just overall pretty cool.”

Wang was recently profiled in the December issue of the Malone Schools Online Network newsletter. Read the complete profile here

For more information on the MSON, please contact Maggie McDonough, Co-Director of College Counseling, at 262-752-2629.