Finding the right place is critical to happiness and growth.

Finding the right fit for your child, no matter the grade level, is one of the most important decisions a family can make. The people, classes, and co-curricular activities, the learning environment and leadership opportunities – all of these things should factor in when researching schools. Ensuring your son or daughter is in the best situation can make an incredible difference when it comes to academic growth and emotional development.

Below, The Prairie School Admission Office has provided a checklist of items (by division) that parents and students should keep in mind when beginning to research new schools – whether private, public, or parochial.

Primary/Elementary School

  • What is the mission and philosophy of the program?
  • How often do the children have recess?
  • Is there a snack provided?
  • How often do students have science? Physical Education? Art? Music?
  • Do the children have exposure to a world language?
  • Are there Teaching Assistants in every classroom?
  • Does the school provide relationship-building and/or buddy opportunities with students of multiple ages?

Middle School

  • What electives are offered?
  • What is the typical section/class size?
  • How often do students have art? Music? Drama? Physical Education?
  • What world languages are offered?
  • What extracurricular/co-curricular clubs and activities are being offered?
  • Does the school provide relationship-building and/or buddy opportunities with students of multiple ages?

Upper/High School

  • Do one hundred percent of graduates go on to attend college?
  • What types of colleges and universities are students accepted to?
  • What is the total amount of merit-based (not need-based) scholarships offered to the senior class each of the last 3-5 years
  • How many AP classes are offered? What are the average AP scores (by subject) over the last 3-5 years
  • What percentage of students take the ACT? What’s the average score?
  • What’s the average class size?
  • How many years of math, science, and foreign language are required to graduate?
  • What electives are available, and how much space do students have for electives in their schedules?
  • Does the school provide support services if a students is struggling? Extension for high achievers?
  • What percentage of the faculty have an advanced (master’s or above) degree?
  • What are the school’s service requirements?
  • What percentage of students participate in a sport or co-curricular program?

Questions about these items? Curious how they are implemented here at Prairie? Contact the Admission Office at 262-752-2525.