The Inaugural Season of Prairie Ski Club

By Meghan Benson | Student Life

Winter in Wisconsin can be long and dreary, but for the students and families of the Prairie Ski Club, the school’s newest co-curricular activity, it has become a season of exhilaration and togetherness. The club was founded just this year to provide regular skiing opportunities for students of all ages. Uniting a diverse cross-section of the school’s community, students from Primary to Upper School, beginners to experts, came together this winter at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI, to bond through the shared joy of hitting the slopes.

The collaboration with Alpine, offering student discount programs with flexibility for skiers of all levels, was a crucial factor in making the club a reality. The idea for the club took root when lead organizer and parent volunteer, Andrea Godson, inspired by her children’s participation in the City of Racine Parks and Recreation Ski Club, discovered the student program at Alpine Valley. Recognizing the program’s accessibility, low commitment, and low cost, she saw an opportunity to bring this exciting experience to Prairie.

Despite a slow start due to uncooperative (i.e. warm) weather in December, the Ski Club eagerly strapped on their skis January 5th as a dozen or so families seized the opportunity to connect before second semester resumed. A resilient group demonstrated their commitment to the club by braving below-zero wind chills on January 19th, and as the season progressed, final outings were held on February 2nd and 16th. 

All told, over 50 enthusiastic students across all grades signed up to participate at some point throughout the year. The club extends gratitude to Kathy Boero, Head of Middle School, TJ Hearn, Physical Education teacher and staff liaison, and Andrea Godson, whose unwavering support during the planning stages paved the way for this exciting venture.

Godson said when asked about the future, “I plan to continue ski club next year! We will hope for better weather and hope to expand the number of students and families involved.” The success of this inaugural season sets the stage for an even more thrilling and inclusive winter experience in the years to come.