By Taylor Neumann | Events, Upper School

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need air or train or even car travel — we could teleport where we want to go. High school students looking for the next place to continue their studies would be able to visit all of the campuses they want, trying to find that perfect match.

While technology hasn’t quite caught up to that (yet), Prairie offered the next best thing to our students last week: we brought the schools to them. 43 of the best colleges and universities in the nation lined the track in the JAC to show off what makes each one of them special. Liberal arts, aeronautical studies, and everything in between was represented, and the space was bustling with the excitement of students learning even more about the world beyond Prairie and even Wisconsin — only four of the participating schools were from the Dairy State.

The College Fair is in its 7th year, and even neighboring high schools are picking up on how great it is — this year, students from Brookfield Academy and Divine Savior Holy Angels also attended the event, as well as counselors from Marquette High School. Every year continues to surprise even our own team in College Counseling with just how excited the students are to glimpse a world after graduation, and how everyone, from freshmen to seniors, asks thoughtful questions of the representatives.

“The College Fair has become a wonderful Prairie School tradition and we are very proud of its success,” said Jim Zielinski, Co-Director of College Counseling. “The fact that we had colleges from 21 states attend is a testament to the outstanding reputation that our school has in the higher education community. It was a great day for all and our Upper School students and parents really took advantage of this wonderful and unique opportunity.”

Click here for a full list of the schools that attended, and try to catch an Upper School student today to see what they thought about the Fair — our guess is you’ll be treated to some  exciting plans for the future.