[VIDEO] Racine Mound Cemetery Guided Tour

Working in partnership with the Racine Heritage Museum and Preservation Racine, The Prairie School Social Studies Department, led by Mr. Alan Mills, produced a video documentary of Racine’s Mound Cemetery guided tour. Steve Bedard, Superintendent of Cemeteries, has been leading Prairie students on this tour for over ten years.

Alan notes, “This project has been a true labor of love.  The first time I toured Mound Cemetery with Steve Bedard I completely fell in love with the history held there and Steve’s ability to convey that story. This film will preserve that story and Steve’s gift for future generations to enjoy.” 

The project and documentary can be viewed below. Copies of the film will also be distributed to the Racine Public Library, all RUSD schools, as well as the copies housed at the Racine Heritage Museum, Preservation Racine, and here at The Prairie School. The film is intended as a resource for the greater Racine community and will be made available to any who wish to view it.  In addition, we will complete work on providing an audio walking tour for visitors to the cemetery.



Mound Cemetery Audio Tour

  1. Introduction
  2. Mausoleum
  3. Albert Knight
  4. Lot Search
  5. Alexander Hesler
  6. Mounds-Woodland Indians
  7. Candor tree
  8. Sublets/AP Dutton/Joshua Glover
  9. Mathias Ahrens
  10. Harold Agerholm
  11. Alvin Mead
  12. Swoboda
  13. MM Secor
  14. PB&J
  15. Shellenger Family
  16. John Andersen
  17. Park Panthers
  18. William Horlick
  19. Johnson family
  20. Jeff and Deb
  21. Vandalism
  22. J.I. Case and Jay Eye See
  23. Mitchell-Lewis
  24. Stephen Bull
  25. Gilbert Knapp
  26. Oak Tree Monument
  27. George Slauson
  28. Civil War cannon

The cost of the project has been offset by several generous donations, as well as a grant from the Racine Community Foundation.  Without this generous support, the project would not have come to fruition.
Click here to learn more about the Racine Community Foundation.