By Taylor Neumann | Student Life, Upper School

As the first leaves start to fall and the last days of September flow into the beginning of October, schools all over the country celebrate the time-honored tradition of Homecoming. Prairie is no different in that aspect, and last week’s festivities had our campus buzz with the energy of dress-up days, cove decorating, and Powderpuff football, everything culminating in Friday afternoon’s Homecoming games.

The race for spirit points to determine this year’s winner was especially close, with a strong showing by all grades. During the week, students gained participation points for dressing in the day’s theme, which included Monday’s “Zoom call attire” — business on top, pajamas on the bottom — and a Tuesday devoted just to Adam Sandler. They brought Anything But a Backpack on Wednesday and dressed like grill dads and soccer moms on Thursday. But Friday was the ultimate gauntlet: the Games.

After many rounds of balloon popping, free throws, three-legged races and even a pie eating contest, the race was as close as ever. A heated tug-of-war ended with the juniors ahead…until they were crushed by the faculty team. Finally, with much fanfare, the winners of Homecoming week were announced.

Is anyone surprised that the SENIORS came out on top? (Maybe the sophomores, who put up a valiant effort and were just points away. But keep your eyes on the Class of 2025 — they won Powderpuff for the second year in a row!)

Faculty advisor Señora Lane said of the week, “Homecoming is such a big tradition in our community. It’s a day we set aside time specifically for community building through play. We did a lot of great stuff during the COVID, and our outdoor Homecoming dance was one of them! However, it was really nice to be completely back to normal with our games and dance. The entire week was full of school spirit and it was so wonderful to watch the student government work together to pull off such a great week.”

And so ends another Homecoming full of friendly competition at Prairie. To the seniors — congratulations. To everyone else — start planning for next year!

To see more photos from the week, click the album below.