If you happened to visit Prairie on Thursday, you might have noticed a certain … look to some of its occupants. Our Early and Primary School students — dressed up in their spookiest, silliest, and most special outfits — paraded through the John Mitchell Theater, to the delight of their parents and guests. There wasn’t a frown in the place as the kids smiled and waved to their adoring crowd.

The kids also made an appearance in the Performing Arts Circle as Dr. Coffman handed out a treat to each child. This year’s selection? Ring Pops, which many showed off proudly to anyone they encountered.

Also marking the special day was a Buddy Activity between the Primary, Middle and Upper Schools. Back after two years away due to COVID, Buddy Activities are a way for Prairie’s students of all different ages to work together and learn more about each other. This year the pairs decorated pumpkins with any method they had available to them — markers, stickers, foam appliques, even pom-poms. The results were simply gourd-geous!

“It has been a sad two years without buddies, and the students have been so excited to have a chance to have a buddy again,” said Elizabeth Davis, Peer Mentoring Leadership Program Advisor. “The students in the Peer Mentor Leadership Program planned this one [and a prior ‘Getting to Know You’ activity] during our annual leadership retreat over the summer.

“As we talked about Buddy Activities at the retreat, we talked about how important it was to create a positive community at Prairie that is based on connection across divisions. The Upper and Middle School buddies are wonderful leaders with their little buddies, and they bring such joy through their care and kindness in developing those relationships. We have a great opportunity to concretely display our strength as a larger community, as the older and younger students connect in ways that model kindness and care.”

And today capped off the festivities as our Upper School students, festooned in their own detailed costumes, tried to literally find Waldo among the US faculty, who all dressed as different versions of the characters from the beloved books. No news yet on if anyone actually found the wily weirdo.

Check out the crazy costumes and perfect pumpkins by clicking the images below.