School was featured on popular "Hometown" series in the fall.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

That’s what my grandparents used to say on road trips whenever we were about to pass through a small town, my sister and I bouncing around the rear-facing seat in their wood-paneled station wagon.

Their point, as I took it at 10 or 12, was this: don’t assume. Really cool stuff can happen anywhere. Keep your eyes open. Take note of what’s happening around you.

Case in point: really cool stuff is happening here in Wind Point.

And while Wind Point isn’t necessarily ‘one blink and you’ll miss it’ small – the most recent census cites 1,723 residents – it’s still pretty tiny. A village, in fact. Quiet. Quaint. However, thanks in large part to the innovation and creativity unfolding here at Prairie, really cool stuff happens in this hometown every single day.

The point of all this?

Prairie and Wind Point were featured on CBS 58 last fall when the station visited the village as part of their popular their “Hometowns” series. And before they visited Wingspread, and the Lighthouse, they were wowed by what they found tucked away in the corner of this village in Southeastern Wisconsin: a Top 50 school in America, one on the shores of Lake Michigan, one with a scenic campus highlighted by natural beauty, one that is home to a community of people – students and teachers and parents – all working together to achieve really cool stuff.

Make sure you don’t miss it.

Watch CBS58’s coverage of their visit to Wind Point and Prairie.