By Taylor Neumann | Early School

Think of the things that can be done in 100 days. A little more than three months — you can begin new relationships, build trust, and make friends that will last for years. In 100 days of school here at Prairie, our students have done all of those things and more.

In the Early School, each classroom celebrated hitting the big milestone by dressing as senior citizens — centenarians, to be exact. There were plenty of grey mustaches and reading glasses perched on the faces of our littlest students, and we even spied a cane or two.

Of course, there was much learning to be had around the big number 100 as well. There were rotating centers in which the children practiced important skills (fine motor, large motor, counting, 1-1 correspondence, language building, and imaginative play) and counted out 100 of lots of items, from Legos and Froot Loops to toy race cars. They even built towers out of 100 red cups!

“It was such a great time celebrating the 100th day of school, because there has been so much excitement leading up to it — since Day 1!” said Early School teacher Abby Brzezinski. “We love providing these hands-on learning experiences because the children are so busy having fun that they don’t actually know how much they’re learning. … The children thought it was just one big party!”

And now our students are super skilled in counting to 100 by ones and tens, so if you happen to run into an Early School student soon, ask them to show off their new talent!

For even more pictures from the day — don’t make us pick a favorite! — click the images below.