These three hardworking women keep Prairie running like a well-oiled machine.

Not all superheroes wear capes. But some of them have Lost and Found cabinets full of capes…or can tell you who might have an extra cape. And will check the schedule to make sure you have time to get the cape. Maybe they’ll find you some capes themselves.

If you have a question about capes or literally anything else at Prairie, Lynn Zobel, Kim Forsman, and Barb Barth are your best starting point. They are the Administrative Assistants in each of Prairie’s three divisions: Lynn directs traffic in the Primary School, Kim manages the hubbub of Middle School, and Barb supervises the flurry of activity in the Upper School. They jokingly call themselves the “Wonder Women,” and the moniker couldn’t be more apt. Their jobs are multi-faceted, as are they.

They are keepers of the calendar. They are troubleshooters. They hand out lunch passes and hugs, and they could handily beat anyone in a contest to name the most students. Collectively, they have more than 24 years of experience at Prairie. Much of their work happens behind the scenes, but their impact is felt throughout every wing of the building.

Chances are any given Prairie student sees either Mrs. Zobel, Mrs. Forsman, or Mrs. Barth as often as they see their own mom — and moms should feel comfort in that fact, because these women care for Prairie’s students (and faculty) as though they were family. And just like parents, these leaders love to watch the students under their care blossom and grow.

“I look forward to the first day and the last day seeing the changes that have happened over the school year in the students,” Forsman adds.

The relationship goes both ways. Students — along with parents and fellow faculty — see how hard these women work and how productive and helpful they are; kids learn to rely on them, to trust them, to care for them in return.

“When I returned from medical leave in the past, there were pictures in my office wall and homemade cards on my desk,” Barth reflects. “The people and the students I work with are very respectful and polite.”

“TPS is not just a learning place, it’s a loving place,” Zobel says. “It’s like you work with one big family. The people and the relationships you develop with them are the best part about this school.”

During Teacher Appreciation Week 2019, we will be highlighting several of the educators whose tireless creativity, commitment, ingenuity, and leadership make Prairie one of the best schools in the country. Check out our Instagram page for even more profiles and to say “thank you” to a teacher who has impacted your or your child’s life.