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Girls’ Track & Field

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Awards and Achievements


Division II State Qualifiers (2017):
4×800 relay – Cal Dudley Harry Frazier-Bukacek, Aaditya Kumar, Nolan Wolf (1st Place at Conference)
3200M – Vincent Guardiolon (2nd place at Conference and 2nd Team All County)

Sectional Qualifiers (2017):
4×400 relay – Cal Dudley, Aaditya Kumar, Francesco Quattrone, Nolan Wolf (1st Place at Conference)
100M & 200M – Carlen Baran (1st Place at Conference)
400M – Aaditya Kumar (2nd Place at Conference)
800M – Cal Dudley (1st Place at Conference)
1600M – Marielle Banco (All County Honorable Mention)
Long Jump – Miera Smith
Triple Jump – Miera Smith (2nd Place at Conference)

Conference Results (2017):
4×100 relay – 1st Place: Carlan Baran, Ayanna Crenshaw, Kirsten Frosch, Miera Smith
100M & 200M – 1st Place: Carlen Baran
400M –  3rd Place: Carlen Baran
800M – 3rd Place: Marielle Banco
Discus – 2nd Place: Julia Reynoso

School Records Broken or Tied (2017):
Discus – Juliea Reynoso, new school record (1st Team All County)
High Jump – Aaditya Kumar, tied

All County Honorable Mention:
Francesco Quattrone


Division II State Qualifiers (2016):
4×800 Relay – Cal Dudley, John Mark Goeke, Aaditya Kumar, Nolan Wolf (2nd Team All County)

Sectional Qualifiers (2016):
800M -Cal Dudley
1600M & 3200M – John Mark Goeke (2nd Place at Conference)
400M – Aaditya Kumar (1st Place at Conference)

Conference Results (2016):
4×800 relay – 1st Place: Cal Dudley, John Mark Goeke, Aaditya Kumar, Nolan Wolf
4×200 relay – 2nd Place: Joey Casteneda, Daniel Latyshev, Vincent Vanko, Nolan Wolf
800M: Kumar – 2nd place

School Records broken or tied (2016):
400M – Aaditya AKumar, new school record
High Jump –  Colton Mueller, tied school record (All County Honorable Mention)

All County Honorable Mention (2016)
Vincent Guardiola


Division II State Qualifiers (2015):
400M – Sam Patterson (1st at Regionals)
200M – CJ Thompson (2nd at Regionals)
4×400 relay – 2nd in State: Sam Patterson, Aaditya Kumar, Jack Gentile, CJ Thompson (2nd at Regionals)

WIAA Regionals (2015):
Discus – 3rd Place:  Manny Reynoso
1600M – 1st Place: Jack Gentile
400M – 1nd Place with a PR:  Aaditya Kumar
200M – 1st Place:  CJ Thompson
Long Jump – 2nd Place: CJ Thompson
2 Mile – 2nd Place: John Mark Goeke
4×200 relay – 4th Place : Joey Casteneda, Vinny Vanko, Henry, Nick
4×400 relay – 2nd Place: Joey Casteneda, Aaditya Kumar, Jack Gentile, Nick
4×800 relay – 1st Place: MJ, Henry, Harry, Nick

Coach Contact Info:

Kathleen Rooney, Head Coach and Distance Coach
[email protected]

Assistant Coaches:

Anton Graham, Jumping Coach
[email protected]

Shaun Liesch, Hurdle Coach
[email protected]

Jessica Johnson, Sprint Coach
[email protected]

Michael Vanko, Throwing Coach
[email protected]

Kelsey Hansen, Throwing Coach
[email protected]