Supporting What’s to Come

There are several options for friends of Prairie who want to invest in countless future generations of Hawks:


Prairie’s endowment operates like a long-term savings account, where the school uses a portion of the interest to fund daily operations, faculty development, and scholarships. The endowment is a critical part of Prairie’s past, present, and future stability. Our annual budget incorporates endowment income as a key piece of our overall revenue.

Gifts or pledges of any size may be made to the general endowment; with a gift or five-year pledge at $25,000 and more, a donor may choose to create a named fund with their contributions, which can be made at any point in the year using a variety of gift vehicles – from cash to appreciated securities.

Planned Giving

Many supporters of the school have named Prairie as a beneficiary of their will or estate plan. There are a variety of ways to do this, many of which are low- or no-cost. If TPS is already a part of your estate plan, let us know so that we can thank you – and if you want to learn more about exploring this option, please contact us directly.