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At Prairie, art is also in the performance. Through a creative, hands-on program that includes the disciplines of music, theatre, and technical theatre our students embrace an array of both curricular and extracurricular performing arts experiences that span Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.

We look forward to helping students discover their own artistic selves as we sing, play, act, compose, practice, design, construct, and crew. We believe that when we explore the performing artist in each of us and experience passion and understanding, we are all transformed. Writer Annie Dillard states, “Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there”. At The Prairie School, we like to think our work together celebrates just that. Putting the arts in motion begins with YOU! Won’t you join us?

At Prairie, art is both a body of knowledge and a studio experience in which we organize activities related to observing, planning, and creating. Art activities teach students about different cultures while nurturing their individual creative and imaginative capabilities. In Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade, we teach our students to value the originality and joy of creating and develop a spirit of inquiry and adventure in the search for personal expression.

We help students to grow in the appreciation of their own art and in the art of others by on-campus exhibitions, positive critiques, field trips to museums, and exposing them to professional artists through the Art Department’s Visiting Artist Program. Various artists, art styles, and cultures are explored to open the student’s eyes to a world of beauty and art around them.

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