PPD Vball

One chance to observe...one chance to try...

two chances to see how Prairie helps students grow and thrive.

In-School Open House

Prospective students and parents are invited for an up close and personal look at Prairie! Conducted during the hustle and bustle of a real school day, this Open House will give you a glimpse into the day of a Prairie student!

• Tuesday, October 17th

• 9:00AM - 1:00PM

• 4050 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point WI

While most school Open Houses are well-organized and informative, the majority are subject to the same issue: they typically take place at night or on the weekend when it’s impossible to get a true feel for the school day.

Here at Prairie, we’ve found a solution.

Prospective families interested in learning more about TPS are invited to join us on campus and in-person on Tuesday, October 17th to experience Prairie in the most authentic way possible: during an actual school day! We will match you with a tour guide who will take you across campus while highlighting and discussing your child’s interests. (There will also be a few Prairie surprises along the way!) Peek inside classes while learning takes place, watch passing time in Prairie’s curved hallways, observe students as they rehearse for the musical or make a piece of art – there is no better way to experience what Prairie is really like!

  • Visit campus between 9:00AM and 1:00PM
  • Tours typically last about an hour
  • Limited tour slots available
  • Preschool through 12th grade tours are available
  • RSVPs required

Student Showcase

Ready to see and try even more? Our Student Showcase is a chance for your student to experience a day in THEIR life. By sharing your child's interests and activities, we will design a personalized, participatory schedule that allows them to see how they can try new things and pursue their dreams here at Prairie.

• Monday, October 23rd

• 6:00 - 8:00PM

• 4050 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point WI

• For families of students currently in Grades 5-11

Give your prospective Middle or High School student a chance to experience all the unique opportunities that Prairie has to offer. From things like math-centered escape rooms and the dissection of pig hearts, to personalizing strength and conditioning plans and screen-printing t-shirts, participants will engage in actual activities that highlight the TPS experience. 

Your Showcase experience will begin with a mock Morning Meeting so you can see how we come together each day as a community. Then, while students are participating in the designated classes and activities, parents can join us for teacher and student panel discussions. 

  • Students will receive a personalized schedule based on selected interests
  • Tours are led by current Middle and Upper School students
  • Dinner included for students and parents
  • All registered students will receive a limited edition t-shirt featuring Mo Hawk, Prairie’s mascot
  • Receive information on how to lock in the current tuition rate for the 2023-24 school year 

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