Sustainability @ Prairie

Prairie, A Leader in Sustainability Education

Sustainability is becoming a deep-rooted value within family life, communities and educational institutions. While “going green” is not a brand new concept, no school is approaching the initiative quite like The Prairie School.

Through the school’s layered methodology and hands-on approach, Prairie is being recognized as the leader in sustainability education. Students, faculty and staff fulfill eco-conscious missions through personal responsibility and collective action. Prairie’s green goal comes full circle through the disciplines of curriculum, habits and practices, and plant and facilities.

All of the sustainable programs encourage thoughtful leadership and decision making, so the students truly become the direct impact in bettering their surrounding environment. The range of activities – Energy and Green Building, Procurement and Waste Streams, Environmental Health, Community Partnerships, and Curriculum Innovation – allows the students to find a personal cause that has meaning to them and translate that individual passion into new ideas and valuable effort.

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  • 3rd Grade Water Quality
  • English Genres
  • The Giving Garden
  • C.L.A.S.S.

Find out more about our sustainable curriculum here!

Habits and Practices

  • Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyles
  • Green Choices in the Dining Room  (composting napkins, paper straws, milk cartons?, garden items in salad bar etc.)

Buildings and Grounds

  • Water Bottle Refilling Stations
  • Rain Gardens
  • The Giving Garden
  • LED Lighting Inside and Out

Racine Community

  • HALO
  • Key Club Christmas Party
  • Emily’s Day
  • Cliffside County Park (adopted by Wilderness/Sustainability Club)


Outdoor Learning

  • Outdoor Education at Conserve School, Camp Manito-wish and Camp Timberlee
  • Wilderness/Sustainability Club
  • Upper School Community Service Day (what should we call “Emily’s Day” from here on out?)
  • Canyon Trip
  • Field trips (to Eco-Justice Farm, RiverBend, Growing Power etc.)

Projects and Programs

  • Conserve Semester (include Conserve projects here)
  • Wilderness/Sustainability Club
  • C.L.A.S.S.

Presentations & Awards

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Example 4